We have begun meeting in our building with social distancing

1. Come with this simple invitation in your heart to the Living God: “Meet me here.”

2. Come with a heart committed to loving your neighbor, recognizing and respecting that your neighbor might not be viewing or experiencing the COVID era in the same way you are.

3. Please remember to social distance your family from other families when finding a seat.

4. If you need coffee to get going in the morning, pick up your coffee on the way over. We
won’t have a coffee station for the time being, but we will have cold bottled coffee and other
cold drinks.

5. When you arrive, please keep your family unit together and six feet away from others. As
much as we all may want to hug, please don’t. And please try to help your children understand. But you are welcome to experiment with how many ways you can give an “air hug” or other creative welcome and greeting to someone six feet away.

6. We won’t have our typical breakfast buffet, but we will have simple, individually wrapped breakfast foods and cold drinks laid out in a way to avoid people touching drinks or food that is not their own. Please parents, get your children’s food and drink. Help your children and help yourself!

7. Also pick up the individually packaged bread and juice to celebrate communion later in the

8. .

9. Service will begin at 10:30 and follow our ordinary order of service: announcements,
sermon, restoration story, communion, worship. Delight in the word, rejoice in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and sing to our Lord with your whole heart, soul and mind.

10. If you need to use the restroom during the service, we have a downstairs and upstairs option, but only one at a time. Please use the disinfectant wipes to wipe down all knobs and handles you touch. Parents, please accompany your children and assist with the disinfecting. Please only one person/family bathroom at a time.

11. At the end of service, we welcome the opportunity to pray for you. Our prayer team always wears masks and frequently uses hand sanitizer to ensure we offer the safest prayer experience possible. 

12. And after service, enjoy the company and fellowship with each other. But, for now, please
maintain physical separation. And remember, the Lord your God is with you, and he is mighty to save. And he will bring us through this time.


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