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Restoration Vineyard Church is humbly serving in the radical middle between our Pentecostal/Charismatic brothers and sisters and our traditional Evangelical brothers and sisters. Want to learn more about who we are? Click below...




We love to hang out, eat together, have fun, and go out into the world, bringing God's Kingdom through outreach. Come be a part of the family!

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We broadcast our services live on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday morning. We also save them on our page for later viewing.

"What is a Vineyard church?"

The Vineyard is a growing denomination with about 600 churches in the United States and over 2,400 in the world.  Some describe us as “empowered evangelicals” because of our unified emphasis on both the Word and the Spirit.  We also often describe ourselves as the “radical middle”—the radical middle between traditional evangelical churches on the one hand and charismatic/Pentecostal churches on the other.  We embrace all basic evangelical doctrines such as: the divinity of Christ; the literal death, burial and resurrection of Christ; salvation as a gift of God, by grace, through faith; the infallibility and authority of Scripture, etc.  We also welcome the present active power, presence and gifts of the Holy Spirit, but we do it without any hype.