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Leadership Team:

    Yes, we’re all volunteers here.  No paid staff.  We’d rather all of our resources go directly into acts of restoration.  Things like feeding the hungry, raising up the next generation, evangelism, bringing healing and comfort to the hurting, etc.

    And yes, we’re a team.  There’s no authoritarian or military structure here.  Decisions are made unanimously by a board of elders.  We have a pastor (or co-pastors serving as one pastor), but the pastor doesn’t have any greater vote than any of the other elders.  This may mean slower decision-making.  And it may mean less efficiency.  But it also means safety, accountability, and mutual submission.  That’s important.  And Biblical. 

Steve Duggins
Kathy Duggins

Pastor / Elder / Worship


Ashley Barnes

Elder / Children's Ministry


Eric Barnes

Elder / Communication / Worship


Dawn Gibson

Elder / Food & Events / Women's Ministry


Barry Gibson
Lisa Trew

Elder / Hospitality

Terry Trew

Elder / Technical / Greeters

Taylor Woodruff

Worship Coordinator



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